Founder Stephen Nash

Lifestyle Arts equips men for success in dating and relationships. We emphasize taking action in the real world as the key to develop authentic confidence for any social occasion. By living a full life free of doubt and excuses you will naturally attract amazing women for rewarding relationships.


Become the leading man in your life by overcoming fear and old habits keeping you from experiencing beautiful women as a source of energy and inspiration. Author Stephen Nash presents learning resources for releasing your true to your potential in all areas of life.


We emphasize ‘the design of lifestyle’ as a systematic approach of generating opportunities with women who are attracted to your genuine character. Create a life of passion and interest and the momentum will lead to a vibrant social life abundant with possibility.


Captivate Women, Master Attraction, Become a Leading Man

Life Changing Productstools and training to raise your game

- build a foundation for consistent results 
- take control of the factors women notice most
- become eligible for high quality relationships

Stephen’s philosophy is really important for guys to hear – every possibility is open for you. and you have the possibility to live an extraordinary life.

— Neil Strauss, Author of “The Game”

Natural Attraction Cover2-01
- advanced program for mastering dating
- over 10 hours of detailed coaching content
-build your power as a man in relationships

Stephen has done a fantastic job putting together the “Natural Attraction” audio program. The program offers a 7 day, step-by-step plan for men of all backgrounds and demographics to not only learn to be attractive to women, but to take control of their lives building a positive, empowering lifestyle which magnetizes women and success.

— DJ, New York, NY

- Free Podcast offered through iTunes
- 50 episodes of richly informative content
- Organized insights you can put to use today

Stephen has consistent and easy helpful tips for guys who may be struggling with dating and/or other areas of their lives. Couldn’t recommend it more!

— Gevurtz, iTunes review

Personal Coaching OfferingTransformative One-on-One training with Stephen Nash

Working with Stephen directly brings dramatic, lasting results for clients dedicated to making a real transformation in their lives. It is possible to achieve significant results in as few as six months. Stephen will design a custom program to meet your specific goals and learning style.


Building on over 15 years of coaching experience, Stephen understands every man has different needs and challenges. Each tailored coaching program reflects your life stage and context and offers the needed solutions to evolve to a new level of empowerment in life and with women most especially.


Stephen works with a very small group of men at any one time, and each of these are vetted through an extensive interview process. Once the client has been accepted, Stephen personally designs a “bespoke” training program which is tailored to each individual. Every man has different needs and challenges, and each program reflects these and the required solutions needed to evolve to a new level of development in life and with women.


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‘Graduating from The Game’

In the decade since The Game was published, I’ve matured in my outlook on relationships in many ways. Most of all, I view ‘lifestyle’ as the key. By lifestyle I mean my relationships to the areas of time, work, money, fitness, recreation and other people.

A man’s lifestyle must begin though with the all-important question of “what is my purpose?” From here, a dynamic and challenging focus forms, which influences and shapes all aspects of my lifestyle. By being conscious of the balance between these aspects and by applying very specific techniques to each, I have discovered a rhythm and flow which women naturally wish to be a part of.


Approach Concept


The very name of our company, Lifestyle Arts, portrays our belief that the absolute best way to approach women is through what we call the 98% game, which is a reference to the amount of time in your day that your lifestyle should be helping you source quality women with whom to connect.

However, there are times when you see a woman you absolutely must meet while in a public setting, be it a cafe, lounge, party of social event. For such occasions Stephen equips students with a set of elegant and effective social techniques to successfully launch the conversation. From there he also provides you with secondary skills to use to ‘hook’ her into an interaction and form a genuine connection, from which a first date can be planned.

“Approaching women is something you do in the midst of the grand adventure that is your life. These skills simply and powerfully convey this to her and form a compelling invitation to engage with you. A man never veers off course for a woman, but he should – at times – extend a hand to her who is seeking adventure and the taste of the good life.”


— Stephen Nash