LSA 034: Sean Stephenson, Becoming the King

2014 Sean Stephenson Scottsdale

Sean Stephenson has faced his more than his share of challenges, but his life has become so much more than that. At birth, doctors didn’t think he would live 36 hours much less 36 years. He was told by one dating guru that “this won’t work for you” and by another “don’t let anyone tell you that success isn’t possible”. He is one of the most powerful and riveting public speakers in the world and yet his physical carriage is about 3 feet, and he lives mostly in a wheelchair. This hasn’t stopped him from meeting and marrying the woman of his dreams, from building a wildly successful business and from becoming one of the premier motivational speakers in the world. His mission is to rid the world of insecurity, and after listening to this week’s podcast, I am sure you will feel that anything is possible….because, it is.

LSA 033: The Ultimate Weapon of “Attraction”


Attraction…a topic so profoundly misunderstood that it has men resorting to foolish gimmicks and disturbing techniques designed to gain the interest of a woman. These artificial “cosmetics” of attraction might lead to an instant of interest but contain a devastating downside. Understanding the true nature of attraction is what leads to enduring, powerful & loving relationships between men and women. In this episode of the LSA Podcast, I share with you my view of this authentic “nature” of attraction and provide clear guidelines and actions to take on a regular basis to encourage these truly attractive qualities to grow & evolve within you. There are no magic bullets, but this is probably as close to one as you will ever get.

LSA 032: Paul Janka on Marriage, How He Met his Wife, The Wedding & More


Fresh off his wedding and honeymoon, Paul Janka candidly discusses the new feeling of being married. We discuss how he met his wife (hint: cold approach), dealing with challenges in a long-term relationship (2nd hint: communication), his wedding ring, how being a bachelor prepared him for marriage & much, much more. Oh, and we talk about his recent wedding & honeymoon, and how powerful it is to say your vows surrounded by the people you love. Powerful, revealing & emotional talk by two mature men. Enjoy.

LSA 031: Mission Critical – Focus on Your Dating Life!


The wrong relationship…no one wants it, and yet so many people find themselves IN it…far too often. The downside to ending up with the wrong woman is massive, with potentially catastrophic results. Focusing on improving your success with women and dating might be the most important thing you do – ever. Plus, improvement in this area yields massive returns in other life areas as well. The upside is tremendous. In this week’s podcast, I cover all of these facets plus reveal the worst kept secret in the world about relationships: that all of them are difficult (sometimes), which is why it’s imperative you end up with the right woman for you.

August Meet-Up in NYC

Stephen 2 vert

I’m hosting an event in NYC on August 22nd – will you join?

In this gathering, I plan to cover the 11 critical skills for improving your dating life while saving tons of time in the process. Start doing only what works and eliminate all the rest.

The time is now for improvement – agree?

LSA 030: Christian Hudson, The Social Man


Christian Hudson has been in the dating advice for men community for over 10 years. In that time he has gone from beginner to expert, from a guy eager to learn to a man willing to share his wisdom. In this chat, we discuss: the traits every guy should develop to become fully expressed, what to cover on a first date, how adventure and attraction intersect, how the dating scene has evolved from ‘pick-up’ gimmicks to true & enduring masculine development. Also, we talk about books, lots and lots of books. Listeners are sure to take away tons of helpful advice, plus a reading list which will keep you busy and engaged for months to come. Christian is a true gem, as you are certain to learn on this episode of the Lifestyle Arts podcast.

LSA 029: A Simple Plan for Meeting New Women

You are currently 3 simple steps away from meeting and securing a date with any new woman you see. What are these steps and how does one execute an approach in an elegant, mature way? In this week’s podcast, Stephen reveals his model which doesn’t require guys to learn endless scripts or lines to execute. It also won’t protect you from feeling fear or nerves either. Learn why nerves are so crucial, and how showing them a little is GOOD when meeting a woman for the first time. Too often, we overthink and over analyze the important things in life – all in a way to protect and defend us from fear and failure. Listen in as Stephen reveals this simple plan, and begin using it today to meet new women in your life. Also, pay attention to the other info shared as additional resources to help you meet more women.

LSA 028: 3 Essential Pieces of Advice for Men Under 30


What is the biggest mistake men make in their 20’s? What societal pressures do guys in this age group feel? What are the key things for guys under 30 to focus on to create an extraordinary life? NYC & San Diego based dating coach Stephen Nash discusses these 3 key tips and shares his experience with each. Of the 3, there is one which is most crucial, most important, that should you not follow it, will possibly dog your every move for the rest of your life…

LSA 027: Dating Over 40, 5 Tips (+ a VERY Stern Warning) for Men


Dating over 40 might be the toughest time in life for men to find a long-term relationship & this is for very specific reasons. Stephen Nash explains why this is, and nails down 5 specific things for me to focus on to find success + the true “golden rule” that every mature man must follow in the dating game. Also in this episode are some scary tales of what women in their mid to upper 30’s have done to try to get pregnant. This is a must listen for guys over 40, seeking a lasting relationship.