"The Exact Process I Used To Meet My (Now) Wife & That Thousands Of Guys Have Used To Find A Lasting, Fullfilling Relationship...

(Plus All The "Meet More Women" Techniques You Could Ever Want or Need)

Stephen is not only naturally very good with women, but he has expertise and mastery in other areas that augment his success with women...

David DeAngelo

What People Are Saying:

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    Neil Strauss

    NY Times Best Selling Author of “The Game”

    Stephen's philosophy is really important for guys to hear - every possibility is open for you. and you have the possibility to live an extraordinary life. You have to take steps outside your comfort zone and take these chances to have experiences that are going to change your life forever.

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    Dan Kreuder

    Austin, TX

    Your book is the most fulfilling, refreshing and energizing book I have ever come across in this market. Using the tricks of the Mystery Method, Cocky/Funny, Tyler's 25 Points etc., HAS gotten me results. And, to be realistic, they will get me results in the future. But your book has offered something much more profound. You haven't changed, improved, added or subtracted to what I DO, you've altered the way I AM...

  • Johnny Aragon

    Tempe, AZ

    Stephen, I found the community about 6 months ago after I read "The Game" and tried to master some other "pick-up" programs. I seriously went out and made a complete ass of myself - magic tricks, canned openers that sounded weird and creepy, DHVs, EV, IOD...I feel to embarrassed to show my face in town again!.

    I then subscribed to your newsletters and things felt more congruent. Hey, I can engage an attractive women just by using the simple method outlined in your eBook! I've done this the last couple of times I have been out and I have not had one woman give me the cold shoulder!

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

5 Important Tips You’ll Learn

  1. The "Keystone" technique to mastering your inner game and confidence. Without this, you are like a kite in the wind in front of a very beautiful woman. With it, you'll have rock-solid, consistent, confidence no matter how hot she is...it all starts with YOU.
  2. Learn how to open, attract, connect and get countless numbers using these over a dozen social skills I've discovered (don't worry - they are easy and intuitive and won't make you look/feel weird). Plus, I tell you exactly what to do on the first date, second date and the super important third date. By then, you'll know if she's a keeper.
  3. Did you know that most relationships form out of one's social circle? Why then wouldn't you focus on getting really good at that...? Well, I'll coach you on this elegant strategy in Chapters 6 & 7, plus I'll reveal the 7 words that, once you hear them, will signal that you' re "in" like you've never been before. I'll show you exactly how to build this dynamic and cool social circle and then how to leverage it to meet lots of women on your terms
  4. Set-up your "Passive Stream of Women". Learn how Lifestyle is the most important focal point for any single guy. Follow my exact instructions to set yours up so that women naturally come TO you rather than you ever needing to approach a woman again (though you way well want to, and you'll know exactly what to do when those moments arise). It's the difference between being a door-to-door salesman (approaching) to having a business that makes money while you sleep...which do you think is better??
  5. Incredible bonuses! First, you'll get 3 bonus eBooks focused on fashion/style for guysgoing for the first kiss & setting up your "Bachelor Pad". Also, for a VERY LIMITED TIME, my never-before released 8+ hour audio program "Natural Attraction Coaching Sessions" which lead you by the hand into attractive lifestyle design so you never have to approach another woman again...they come naturally TO you (this is not available anywhere else and sells usually for $87). Again, NACS comes down in days...that's a promise.

About The Author

I am not a company. I answer my emails. I have written and recorded all of my programs myself. I do all of my client work. I designed this very fancy website.

And, I help guys get better with women.

I believe in honesty. I believe in process. And, I believe in experience.

My aim is to help men become better with women. This involves some psychology, some experience and some technique. Competence breeds confidence. The rest is up to you, and to what you find along the way.

The answers to a guys’ question is always simple.  But, I “get” that the question might come from confusion, and very often, fear.

I have a dog. I am in love. I am married. I love to travel. I am learning to surf. I meditate daily. I’m from North Carolina. I used to be a champion golfer. I am also a theater aficionado, and have another “job” in that world. I have been crushed by a woman before. I have been rebuilt by men. I am willing to be crushed again. And, I think you should too.

If I could snap my finger and eliminate one problem from the earth, it would be man’s fear of women. Alas, I must then do it one by one…


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