How to Get a Girlfriend eBook, Fifth Edition

How to Get a Girlfriend, Fifth Edition by Stephen Nash

To have lasting success with truly select women you must first address a set of primal factors which have always sent powerful, masculine signals to women that cause them to naturally desire you. In How to Get a Girlfriend expert dating instructor Stephen Nash unlocks these elements, painting an entirely new and fresh vision of attraction, dating and relationships.

In the book, Stephen focuses you on building an authentic, masculine foundation to your life, forming a lifestyle and social circle around this central aim and then coaches you on specific social skills and effective external techniques to use to demonstrate this reality and to attract women. This combination of core beliefs and practiced skills prove to be a resoundingly durable and natural solution to a man’s dating challenges. This book makes a pivotal shift from more standard ‘dating advice’ to outline a mindset and methodology to help men break free of doubt and take specific actions in order to enjoy lasting change in this important area of life. Join the thousands of men Stephen has coached in building a more empowered life from the insights shared in this guide to finding an amazing woman for a relationship.

In honor of the launch of the new Lifestyle Arts website, and the new 5th edition of the eBook, you will receive a free bonus audio course with your purchase, the “Natural Attraction Coaching Sessions”. In these 6+ hours of audio, Stephen leads you through his unique lifestyle and social circle design process all orchestrated to help you meet more beautiful women, naturally.

NOTE: How to Get a Girlfriend 5th ed is also available on Amazon (Kindle) and iBooks. It is also available as an audiobook download on Amazon and Audible as well. By purchasing the book through the Lifestyle-Arts website, you will also receive a free copy of Stephen’s lifestyle design audio course “Natural Attraction Coaching Sessions” (6+ hours of material) as a bonus with your eBook purchase.

Stephen’s philosophy is really important for guys to hear – every possibility is open for you and you have the possibility to live an extraordinary life.

— Neil Strauss, Author of “The Game”