How to Get Your Girlfriend Back (+ a TEST to do FIRST)

Break-ups happen ALL THE TIME, so it’s normal and common for you to want to know how to get your girlfriend

I get a lot of email questions from guys (for which I am very grateful), but this one has to be the most common one I receive.

The scenario goes a little something like this:

1) Girl breaks-up with guy (usually it is not the other way around).

2) Guy, heartbroken, searches online for ways to get his girlfriend back.

3) He finds someone who has a ‘system’ for getting back your ex, and because our friend is in so much pain, he springs for the program.  (If you’ve come to this page under similar circumstances, you are a lucky one – the sites who prey upon the men who are recently out of a break-up are the least trustworthy and very dangerous in my opinion).

4) Months later he realizes that none of these techniques work, and that he has made a fool of himself with his ex.  He finally accepts the fact that he is single, grieves the loss, moves on, and is a better man for it.

My message to you is:

There is a REASON the relationship is over, and it’s probably a good one.  Healthy relationships don’t just suddenly end – they disintegrate and were often ill-suited from the beginning.

The best thing for both parties to do is to lick their wounds, try to see what was their own fault in the relationship, heal and move on to the next one.

In other words – you don’t want her back my friend, she’s gone and I bet it’s for the best for her…and for you too.

That might be painful to read, but trust me – I’ve been there.  When relationships end, it’s best to let that happen, lick your wounds for a bit, and then…get back out there.

BUT, in case you don’t believe me, there is a 99% fool-proof way to know if you TRULY want her back or if you are just burnt, heartbroken and lonely.

It’s time now for the Stephen Nash “Get Your Girlfriend Back” Challenge!

Meet 10 new women BEFORE you text, IM, call, stalk or email your ex. 

I am serious, go out and meet 10 new women. Use online dating sites, use your social circle, approach some women, ask your female friends to set you up…whatever way works best for you.

But get out there are meet 10 new ones ASAP. Like, get moving TONIGHT, OK?  Then, once you’ve met and talked with at least 10 new women, you should have a clear idea if you really want to contact your ex, or if she just represents something you’ve lost and that you don’t like that…

Pain sucks man, but it is also a part of life. You’ve gotta learn to deal with it in a healthy way if you eventually want a healthy relationship.

There are other fish in the sea my friend.  And you are now in the position to head out and meet them, have fun with them, date them, have sex with them, and – yes – fall-in-love with one of them again too.  It probably won’t happen by tonight, but it won’t be long.

Good luck!

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