Dear friend,

A few years ago, I experienced what I like to call the ultimate “click”. 

This was where everything suddenly made complete sense with women and dating, where I finally saw what was really going on in the dating game.
The funny thing was, this amazing moment happened in the most ordinary of circumstances. I was out with some friends, and we began to talk to some attractive women at a restaurant on the west side of Manhattan.
As usual, I was leading the charge: flirting and playfully bantering with the woman closest to me (by far, the cutest one), revving up the interest and driving towards either getting her number or inviting her crew to join us for the remainder of the night.
And then, she did “it”. It was subtle, but to my trained eye it was the ultimate signal of interest. None of my friends even saw it, but I did - and the reason I saw it was because I had prepared for this moment.
“What happened”, you ask?
Honestly, it will be very tough to describe the moment, but I will try….
But first, you have to know what led me to this.
What happened that converted me from a guy who couldn’t possibly even speak to a woman this beautiful to a guy who could notice her ultimate “signal” of attraction?
As you may know, I was featured in Neil Strauss’ best-selling book The Game as Playboy. That was my pick-up monicker, and it seemed to work as I quickly became known as one of the best PUAs in the world.
But as I rose to infamy, my heart told me that something was “off”. Something wasn’t right with this lifestyle and these heavily mechanical interactions with women, mostly based on running endless lines and routines.
And, the results proved it. Sure, I could get a woman to laugh at my jokes, and be initially interested in me, but as for something more enduring and lasting…I was way, way off.
I wanted a girlfriend, and I knew that ‘pick-up’ wasn’t going to help me...
So, when I left Project Hollywood in LA, I was determined to find a better, more natural solution to my dating challenges, one that could serve me on my path to finding a truly amazing woman to spend the rest of my life with.
I arrived back in NYC, and immediately contacted many of my old pals who were naturally very good with women - who I had looked-up to for years for their seeming effortless ability to get women without ever compromising or supplicating, or - most importantly - without ever resorting to tactics and gimmicks that weren’t authentic to them.
This 6-month period of my life was revolutionary in that it showed me that a lot of what I had learned in LA wasn’t useless.
In fact, it was incredibly powerful, and lethally effective. 
Underneath these lines and gimmicks were actual “skills”, skills that could be transferred from guy to guy, who could then apply them to his life.
Kind of like shooting a free throw, or driving a golf ball, there is a definite skill set to doing these actions effectively, but every player ends up making these skills his own.
This is how it should be in any area of life...
But, the most crucial takeaway from these 6-months was in understanding - deeply and profoundly - the true nature of attraction. 
Real attraction, the kind that can endure months and years into a long-term, lasting relationship has very little to do with “what you say” - which is where most dating coaches and amateurs focus….
But, it has everything to do with the content within the man who is saying it.
In other words, it matters who you are. Who have you become? What choices have you made in life to bring you to where you are? What is your attitude and outlook upon life? 
Who are you - for real - on the inside?
The men who struggle with women and dating often have no idea, and women can sense it. They can smell it on you like cheap cologne. And, that is why, most of them will have nothing to do with you.
Remember this:
No woman will enter into a relationship with a man whose world doesn’t naturally EXPAND hers (and, vice versa)
And, while we’re at it, another crucial takeaway I want you to have:
Whatever a man prioritizes over his authentic purpose in life will suffer and likely not endure the passage of time
When I merged all of the skills I had learned from my pick-up days with these remarkable natural attraction secrets I learned from my friends, a breathtaking transformation took place...
Within about a month, I surpassed my natural friends in ability, started dating truly amazing women, and never had to once resort to any tactic or gimmick which wasn’t authentic to me.
I was myself…the most empowered, confident and fluid version of me and women loved it.
I’ve perfected these inner/outer skills for sometime and once they were truly ripe and ready, I recorded “Natural Attraction”.
This program has helped thousands of men become the most attractive version of themselves without ever asking them to compromise their integrity or resort to doing anything dishonest or weird.
So, what was it that the woman did in the restaurant that night? Ha…I wouldn’t leave you hanging!
It was so simple...
She sighed
That’s right, a simple, breathy sigh. Her eyes downturned, lips parted into a tiny smile, her chest heaved and out came the tiniest utterance imaginable…a sigh.
But, because I knew what was truly going on, because I was in the moment, present to what was happening and able to see this without being cluttered by my own insecurities - I knew exactly what it meant.
“This guy gets me"
And I did "get" her…and she and I were the better for it.
Now? I’m married (to an even more amazing woman), I’ve been with this woman for over 5 years, and we deeply love each other every day. It’s not a relationship of struggle and strain.
Loving her is effortless, it’s easy, it’s natural. 
As it should be.
Want to learn this? It’s $99 and worth way, way more than that.
You will learn all the best social skills I’ve ever learned, including: flirting, baiting, grounding, opening, leading, escalating physically, reading her signals…you name it.
You will be prepared for virtually anything that could possibly happen out there.
You will also learn the natural techniques my friends revealed to me, which I have since converted into an actual “teaching” for men to grow as men, confidently, powerfully and fully.
You will grasp the “nature” of real attraction and what you have to do to activate this energy in your life, how to cultivate masculinity, how to build a naturally attractive lifestyle and social circle, and how to cultivate a timeless, elegant male “look” or personal style to match any and all occasion.
This combination of inner and outer skills is designed to give you every tool you will need on your path to a lasting, amazing relationship. 
There are a few times in life when a true turning point appears, where a new direction beckons and where you sense the old pattern and “way” could be left behind for a more abundant and bright future.
Is this such a point for you?
Real transformation requires work, for sure, work you must be ready for. But, if armed with the proper technology and tools, there are truly no limits to what is possible in any area of life.
Natural Attraction will give you the tools you need…the only question is, are you ready?
I hope to see you on the road my friend...

Stephen has done a fantastic job putting together the “Natural Attraction” audio program. The program offers a 7 day, step-by-step plan for men of all backgrounds and demographics to not only learn to be attractive to women, but to take control of their lives building a positive, empowering lifestyle which magnetizes women and success.

— DJ, New York, NY