Hey man –

So, I”ve been a bit quiet recently in this “space”.  Here”s why:

I”ve been working on something else, something I”m really passionate about and something that means a great deal to me.  It”s a non-profit here in NYC, and it revolves around the performing arts.

My consulting work with guys is still super important to me – don”t worry.  In fact, 1-1 time with you guys is what makes me the happiest.  There is NOTHING I enjoy more than seeing the lights go on in a guy”s eyes that tells me “he is starting to get it”.

But, for me to have any integrity with what I teach, I have to build my passion in the world.  That”s happening my man – and right now, too.

So, in case you were wondering about where I went and what I”m up to – I”m still here!  Just building my world one brick at a time – and it”s going incredibly well.  I hope the same can be said for you too.

One question I”d love for you to ponder here…and feel free to leave me some feedback below:

Is it better to “build attraction” or “become attractive”?

Fire away!  I”ve been thinking about this a lot, particularly on a few phone coaching sessions I’ve done recently.  I”d love to hear from you on this, before I share my thoughts (which I”ll do next week).

Cool?  Hope to hear from ya!



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  • Steve H says:

    “Building attraction” to me is the goal of all PUA’s. The fact is, you can’t build a house on a broken foundation. It will collapse eventually, even if not right away. I tried for a long time to only focus on attracting girls with words, and that was probably the dumbest thing I could of spent all my time on. If the foundation is set, then building attraction can commence.

    “Becoming attractive” is what I view as building the foundation that was missing from the above. But even more so, becoming attractive includes more than the foundation, but the house as well. Focusing on becoming attractive may end you with a safe, secure, well built house that stands out on the block. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Building attraction is too focused on the fine details of the housework, the etching in the columns or similar subtle details, regardless of how the rest of the house is.

    For this reason, not only do I think becoming attractive is a prerequisite for building proper, lasting attraction (which is the only kind that really matters, imo), but it also the much bigger, and more important, piece to handle.

  • Stephen Nash says:

    Good stuff Steve. I agree, obviously. Sorry for the delayed approval – we’re on this now!

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